what we do

we love development and solving problems

elevenZero is an, innovative, passionate design and development company focused on mobile, web, VR, and AR. We provide custom, creative technical solutions to small business, agencies and entrepreneurs. We're passionate about technology and we want to bring that passion to your next app, web site or idea.


Web design and development, both for marketing and web applications, has been our core business since 2011. On the front-end we're happy and productive with:
  • React
  • Angular
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JS
Server-side we spend our time with:
  • .NET
  • PHP
  • MySQL


Mobile continues its popularity. We've seen a dramitic shift from native iOS and Android application development to cross-platform development with React Native, Ionic, and Cordova or HTML5 responsive web apps.

vr & ar

Virtual and Augmented Reality are presenting exciting new opportunities for business and entrepreneurs.

Roomscale VR for the HTC Vive is the most compelling VR experience on the market. With Roomscale there's unprecedented immersion. elevenZero is working on several projects, large and small, that leverage VR and AR.

be real

all of our clients are referrals, our clients become family

vr dev diary

aka, how the sausage is made

Take a closer look into what VR development looks like, as it happens. We're building a demo for CRISPR DNA technology.

be awesome

links to samples, go explore


be easy to work with

zero pita, certified



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